Overview of the Pinehurst Website

To navigate the website, just click on a menu item or position your cursor over a menu item and sub-items (if there are any for that main item) will drop down.

Content for the Menu Items and Sub-items

  • Home page has a brief description of our neighborhood, a link to the PSGRC website and posts with the latest news about activities, events and other information for Pinehurst homeowners.
  • Home Information has the following:
    • Homeowner Responsibilities covers your responsibilities for the care and maintenance of the exterior of your house. There are also links to the Architectural Review Committee Guidelines and Procedures and the Pinehurst House Painting Requirements.  
    • Utility and Cable Services covers the basic community and cable services.
  • Directories – There are five directories and a map of the Pinehurst neighborhood.
    • Resident Directory is password protected and only accessible by the homeowners in Pinehurst.
    • Business and Service Provider Directory –Please send send us a message via the Contact Us page, which is located under the Support menu item, to let us know if a business or service provider should be added or an entry in this directory should be removed.
    • Pelican Sound Frequently Called Numbers
    • Community Services
    • Hospitals and Urgent Care Facilities
  • Activities page is still under construction. When the page is completed, you will find information about the Pinehurst neighborhood bocce activities and teams. Please send us a message via the Contact Us page if there are any neighborhood activities that should be added.
  • Events – We are all looking forward to when we once again gather for Pinehurst events with our neighbors and friends.
  • Photo Gallery – If you have any photos related to Pinehurst or Pelican Sound that you would like to share, please send them to the web team at pinehurst.webteam@gmail.com.
  • Board and Committees – shows the members of the Board and its committees.
  • Documents – contains the Pinehurst legal documents.
  • Support
    • Frequently asked questions (e.g., how do I reset my Pinehurst website password, what is River Ridge CCD, etc.).
    • Contact Us is a form for sending the web team your questions about, and suggested improvements to, our website. This form is only accessible by registered homeowners.