Pinehurst has two teams, Pinehurst A and B that play in PSGRC Neighborhood League. The League has three divisions: Lakes (the top tier division), Sound (the mid tier division) and the River. Both Pinehurst teams are in the Sound Division.

We have placed players on each team so that teams are evenly balanced based on how long you have resided in Pinehurst. Our purpose is to have fun and get to better know our fellow neighbors. Teams A and B each have 21 players. We will play 8 players at every match. If you are available one week and do not play, you will play in the next game where you are available.

When you are not scheduled to play, we encourage you to go to the match to cheer on your team and enjoy the neighborhood camaraderie.

Click on the links below to get more information about the Pinehurst bocce teams.

Team Rosters

Pinehurst A Schedule

Pinehurst B Schedule

Sound Division Weekly Scores

Sound Division Standings