Homeowner Responsibilites

Homeowner Responsibilities

Our neighborhood is unique within PSGRC in that each homeowner is responsible for the care and exterior maintenance of their residence. Refer to the Business and Service Provider Directory for companies or individuals that have provided services in Pinehurst and have been recommended by residents. This is for reference purposes only. We recommend you do your own research.

Changes to the exterior of your home including landscaping, require the approval of the Pinehurst NVR and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). For a complete understanding of what changes require approval and the process for obtaining approval refer to the ARC Guidelines and Procedures and to the ARC Application Process. The ARC application must be submitted to Denise Williams, PSGRC Executive Assistant, at dwilliams@psgrc.com for approval by the Pinehurst NVR and ARC.

Each home owner’s responsibilities include the following basic items:

Exterior Maintenance
  • Exterior painting, as required, must conform to Pinehurst Exterior House Painting Requirements
  • Exterior painting requires Pinehurst NVR and ARC approvals.
  • Roof cleaning (recommended every two to three years)
  • For roof replacement, refer to Exhibit R of the ARC Guidelines and Procedures.
  • Mailbox maintenance as needed.
Lawn Service
  • Mowing, fertilizer, reseeding and sod
  • Irrigation (lawn sprinklers)